Houghton International 3* Nations Cup result

Amsterdam 2nd at  the Nations Cup Houghton International 3*Star event.

Diachello 2nd at his debut CCI 1*Star at Houghton International. Cleveland also a very impressive 3*Star run in preparation for his 4*Star debut at Luhmuhlen

I’m delighted with how all three of my beautiful horses performed in their first FEI International event for the season. Amsterdam was foot perfect through all three phases of the competition which is a pre-run for his 4*Star debut at Luhmuhlen in Germany in early June. I was delighted with his result in a highly competitive 3* Nations Cup competition.  The beautiful Diachello (below) also had an outstanding weekend.


This is the first event where I have pressed a few of his many talented buttons and he responded with pizazz.

Cleveland was having his first proper run since his stone bruise. He too showed his class with a solid 76% dressage and power jumping. He had a schooling outing in preparation for his debut 4* where I deliberately incurred time penalties in both his show jumping and cross-country.