Badminton 2017 is Underway

Badminton 2017 is underway with Jesse and his New Zealand ex-racehorse Kaapachino accepted into the original 2017 Badminton start list of 85 athletes. Badminton is the world’s second largest sport event and is renowned for being the toughest 4Star cross-country. Eric Winter  Badminton’s 2017 newly appointed cross-country course designer and has built a cross-country course  creating a media storm, described  as the biggest and toughest Badminton course ever!

Jesse felt it was “the Badminton we have grown up knowing was in the UK”. “Now we are here and get a chance to ride it,” said the former Waikato rider. “This is why we move ourselves to the other side of the world to be amongst the best, to compete at the biggest, and to have a horse like Kappy to do it on is just a privilege.”