A personal best and NZ record for Jesse Campbell and Kaapachino

” Today was a very special day thanks my to my very special Kaapachino,  he tries so hard for me.

At our debut 4* he achieved 75.50% dressage,  an outstanding performance from my little New Zealand thoroughbred. I am so proud of him and so delighted he has had this chance to show the world what a fabulous little horse he is. There is no other horse I wanted to share my 4* debut with. Who would know he was hospitalized with a serious bacterial infection two months ago.

I also want to thank Erik Duvander, New Zealand Equestrian Sport, New Zealand Eventing High Performance. This achievement happened because of your input and belief in me. Thankyou also to my team:- my owners, sponsors, trainers, staff, special friends and my wonderful parents.

Thank you to everyone who has extended support to me on what has been an epic journey to get to this day. This is just the beginning” – Jesse

Watch Kaapachino’s Luhmuhlen 4* Dressage test

Our view of  Luhmuhlen 4* cross- country

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